We Are Transparent. Scary Transparent.

SEO is not voodoo. It’s math. We have three jobs: make it easy for Google to navigate our digital properties, create solid content, and prove that content’s authority with relevant and strong links.

The SEO industry is akin to a fun-house. A seemingly endless hallway of smoke and mirrors. We don’t care for either. That’s why we have an SEO process that is documented in deep detail that our small team of 5 follows to a T for every single client. It’s the reason we have an 83% client retention rate. It’s the reason we’re efficient. It’s the reason we don’t over-promise. It’s the reason we deliver.

Our commitment to transparency stems from my weekly conversations with business owners coming out of failed SEO engagements. The three most common reasons, in order of their general rampancy: No communication. No strategy. No ROI.

As a small business owner, myself – and somebody who has come love the practice of helping small businesses grow with SEO – I hate that that SEO agencies promise regular updates, white-glove consulting, and rankings without the processes to make these things happen.

Our delivery process fully engages our clients. You see everything. — Internal communication? Yes. Deliverable Status? Yes. Link building outreach templates? Yes. Missed deliverables? Yes, even missed deliverables.

Our SEO audit services start at $3,325 for a 50-page website. Our managed SEO services start at $3,500/mo. It would be my pleasure to show you what that pricing means: how many hours you’ll get from specific individuals on the team, how much content will be written, how our process works, and more. Here’s a direct link to book a one-on-one with me.

Brennen Bliss – Founder & Lead SEO @ PixelCutLabs

Aki @ a Client Meeting


Our guiding Value


Our Organizational Principle


Our Primary Objective

Things that make us different…

Number one: we’re specialists. We don’t try to do things we don’t know and love. Beyond that, here are a few more big ones:

We’re So Transparent It Hurts

We want you to love working with us, and we know that being completely transparent with you is the best way to make that happen. So, if you want to learn about our processes, just let us know. We’ll set up a time and show you. Questions about our link building strategy and templates? Done. Questions about our technical SEO audits? We’re here to answer them — in entirety.

We Have Processes for EVERYTHING

We don’t offer any services that aren’t heavily documented in flowcharts, operational policies, and pre-determined project management tasks. That’s why we always have an ultra-clear answer when we’re asked what comes next.

Our People Are Incredible

We don’t hire to hire. Instead, we nuture a small group of team members, pay them *far* above-average salaries (we shoot for the top 10% geographically), and they stay with us because the positive and productive work environment. We are good to our people, and our people are good to our clients.

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Dallas SEO ExpertMeet Brennen. He’s the founder and current leader of the PixelCutLabs team, but he also answers most of the inquiries that come through our website. If you fill out this form or email him at brennen@pixelcutlabs.com, there’s a good chance you’ll be talking to him soon!

Enthusiasm and eagerness were invigorating, and the creative vision was excellent. Really enjoyed working with Brennen and his team. They were eager to work with us for a good outcome, showed a compelling creative vision, and leveraged a large network of resources to be able to deliver and deliver quickly.

John SturdivantHead of Digital Transformation @ TSS

I have had little luck in finding people here in TX that are reliable so far. You are the bright ones. I wish I could find more people like you to partner up with. The 2 most important things I look for in a business I want to work with... 1) Do they respond timely to any questions or concerns I have and 2) Do they do what they say they will do. The answer to both of these questions, with respect to PixelCutLabs, is a resounding YES.

Doug StoutenburgCEO @ RCSuppliesOnline.com

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