Founder’s Note

Relentless Learning

We all have heroes. My heroes are the hustlers – as in… the people who will always find a way to succeed. Founders, entrepreneurs, corporate game-changers, innovators – you know the type. Those are my heroes. Those are our clients. And delivering massive return on investment to our clients – and then seeing their businesses hit major milestones – that’s where I get the energy to continue doing what I do.

I am confident – even emotional – when I say that the PixelCutLabs team is a group of the most talented people I’ve ever met. It’s our Client Advocates (what we call project managers), the delivery team, and our marketing specialists who give us personality and generate value in places I could have never planned or expected.

This agency has grown above and beyond me. The knowledge of the team, the results our clients see, and the value system we’ve developed over the past 6+ years is because of the PixelCutLabs team. Not me. These aren’t things I can teach. I can only create a culture of relentless learning – which has been a goal of mine since day one. This is what makes us worth your investment. We know a lot. But no, we don’t know everything. Nobody does. But we’re certain that we can outlearn any other agency.

Learning is our culture. It’s our DNA.

Brennen Bliss – Founder & CEO @ PixelCutLabs

Our Service Offerings

As a specialized SEO agency, you won’t find us reaching for your money on services we aren’t able to deliver confidently. As a team, we hold extensive knowledge of the digital marketing ecosystem and are here to advise our clients on where to direct digital marketing dollars, but we’re not your answer to everything.

Instead, we are your answer to SEO services (and that’s it). If you’re looking for a partner to manage your PPC campaigns, social media, or otherwise… we have people for that, they just don’t work for us. They’re owners, account managers, and team members at other high-performing agencies we’ve hand-selected based on their performance with our clients. Case and point will work with you to determine your marketing investment and will make introductions to other extremely reliable agencies when you need services that go beyond the scope of our service mastery.

So, if you’re looking for marketing services in addition to SEO and/or web design, request a quote and we’ll make all the necessary introductions. We look forward to hearing from you.

PixelCutLabs SEO Direction

Ready To Get Started?

Dallas SEO ExpertMeet Brennen. He’s the founder and current leader of the PixelCutLabs team, but he also answers most of the inquiries that come through our website. If you fill out this form or email him at, there’s a good chance you’ll be talking to him soon!

Enthusiasm and eagerness were invigorating, and the creative vision was excellent. Really enjoyed working with Brennen and his team. They were eager to work with us for a good outcome, showed a compelling creative vision, and leveraged a large network of resources to be able to deliver and deliver quickly.

John SturdivantHead of Digital Transformation @ TSS

I have had little luck in finding people here in TX that are reliable so far. You are the bright ones. I wish I could find more people like you to partner up with. The 2 most important things I look for in a business I want to work with... 1) Do they respond timely to any questions or concerns I have and 2) Do they do what they say they will do. The answer to both of these questions, with respect to PixelCutLabs, is a resounding YES.

Doug StoutenburgCEO @

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