So, you want to hire a web design company for your next project. Good for you. Make sure to ask these 8 essential questions before hiring a web design company for your business or idea.

8 Questions to ask a Web Design Company before Hiring in 2017

1. Can I edit my website on my own?

It’s pretty much a given that unless you’re working on a 6-figure project where the developer (or development team, for that matter) has a good reason for using static HTML, your developer should be delivering a website which you can edit without knowing how to code. Usually, this comes in the form of a content management system (or CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla – WordPress is by far the most popular. The truth is, being able to edit your website on your own time without hourly charges from your developer something you won’t just want, it’s something you’ll really need.

2. Do you help me host my content?

Some web design companies don’t have a system in place to support their clients or host their websites. If you’re talking to a web developer who doesn’t offer managed hosting and support plans, chances are they haven’t thought about their business model in very much detail and you should take your business elsewhere.

3. Do you offer content-writing services?

While a good web design companies will know how to make a website, they may not have the best writing skills. Many web design companies and web design agencies have partnerships with content-writing specialists. If you’re talking to a web developer who is set on you bringing your own content, it’s likely that they haven’t had much experience in working with many types of people and you should look elsewhere.

4. How often will we communicate?

Communication is key when it comes to contracted web design and web development work. Ask the web design agency you’re considering about what methods are used and how often communication between you and your developer will occur. You’re going to want to know how things are going, and an experienced web design company will know that – if they tell you they’ll chat on the phone with you at least once every week, that’s a good sign. If they say that they’ll let you know when the project is complete, you should keep looking for another developer because they probably don’t have great communication skills and don’t enjoy working with clients as much as someone in their position should.

5. How will my web design project be managed?

There are many tools on the market which are available for project management, especially those aimed at client-based work in the web design and development industry. You should ask a web design company you are considering hiring what they use to manage web development projects. If they say email, that’s a red flag. On the other end, if they reference specific software, say Basecamp (our favorite tool) or Asana, there’s a better chance you’ll be in good hands.

6. Do your websites work well on mobile (responsive design)?

The answer to this question better be a big fat YES. It’s 2017 – developers who aren’t making mobile-friendly sites from the get-go might as well be roaming with the dinosaurs.

7. How do you price web development projects?

Let’s face it: developers are terrible at giving accurate quotes. It’s because they want to underbid a project so they can win your business. Web design companies also commonly underestimate the involvement required by a project so the price increases at every turn along the way to make up for the bad estimate. That’s one of the main reasons people always think our bids are higher than they should be – it’s because we take the time to understand your project and accurately price it based on the time spent in the pre-proposal discovery conversation.

8. What steps make up your design process?

You should look for a web design company with a solidified approach to project progression. Our’s is simple, and follows three steps: Design, Development, Testing. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but you have a feel for how we go through things and that’s something you should be looking for when hiring a web design or development company.

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Brennen Bliss

Brennen Bliss

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