Aside from dedicated volunteers and staff members, donations are the driving factor of any growing nonprofit organization. But, with so many nonprofits making an impact on the world, it’s no doubt that nonprofits have to compete for donations.

There are a countless number of ways to attract new donators and there are equally as many ways a nonprofit can try to increase the value of donations from long-time supporters.

One of the most effective strategies to attract new donations is by establishing a tight connection between the nonprofit, the cause, and the potential donator.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to do just that – thanks to modern innovations like social media and low-cost web design, all you need is a computer and the right mindset to reach a massive audience and boost charitable donations.

While there are virtually limitless opportunities for nonprofits to reach their audiences online, I’ve outlined 10 of the most successful nonprofit marketing tips to get you started!

Nonprofit Marketing - 10 Proven Ways to get Donations - Get Donations and Spread The Word1) Build Your Brand

Your online marketing materials should be fully branded with the name, logo, and typography that align with the identity of your non-profit organization. Be sure to be consistent with the use of color, images, and language as well.

Creating a consistent, easy-to-identify brand helps to build trust in both potential and current donors, which helps them feel confident that their money will be well-spent.

2) Use Strong Visuals

Internet user are attracted to strong visuals, so look for opportunities to communicate your message using images and short video clips. Whenever possible, substitute long sections of copy with pictures or brief ‘explainer’ videos.

3) Keep It Simple

Don’t overwhelm visitors to your website with too many options or extra information. A clean, simple website that focuses on the important details will achieve better conversion rates than one that’s too ‘busy’ and cluttered.

4) Use ‘Giving Levels’

Increase your online donations by providing website visitors with a simple, one-click donation menu that includes a variety of donation amounts, such as $10, $25, $50, and $100. This makes it easier for your donors to follow through, and can help encourage higher donation amounts by ‘suggesting’ how much your website visitors should give.

5) Set Up and Maintain Social Media Accounts

Social media can be a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations. It allows users to provide followers with instant updates, create mid-cycle campaigns, and encourage active, ongoing engagement with supporters.

6) Consider Crowdfunding

Websites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter have revolutionized how everyone from individuals to tech companies raise funds, and they can be a great source of funding for nonprofit agencies as well. Crowdfunding for nonprofits is a good option for raising money for specific projects, like capital construction or a specific event.

7) Make Your Donation Site Secure

Internet fraud and identity theft is a big issue these days, so it’s important to make potential donors feel comfortable with donating to your cause online by adding a trusted third-party verification service to your website.

8) Show Donors Where The Money Goes

Donors want proof that the money they give you is actually being used the way you say it will be. Be transparent with your donation monies by posting financial audits and annual reports on your nonprofit website. [Related: Nonprofit Website Design]

9) Use Social Proof

Harness the power of your current supporters to encourage others to help out your cause. Add a donor role to your website that lists how many people have donated, and the names of top donors.

10) Make It Easy To Reach A Real Person

Be sure to include contact information for your agency complete with a real address, phone number, and email address. This helps to improve credibility and drives donor engagement.

Brennen Bliss

Brennen Bliss

Brennen Bliss is the founder & CEO of PixelCutLabs. Since founding PixelCutLabs in 2014, Brennen has been recognized as a leader in the search engine marketing & SEO spaces, with recent nominations for both the US Search Awards (2018) & the Forbes 30 under 30 List (2018). Brennen has also been featured on,, In addition to leading the team at PixelCutLabs, Brennen travels to conferences across the US as a recognized keynote speaker. You can find Brennen on Twitter @brennenlb.

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