Job Title: SEO Content Writer & SEO Content Strategist


PixelCutLabs is not just an award-winning search engine optimization (SEO) agency. PixelCutLabs is a fast-growing group of value-driven people that regularly deliver massive value to clients across the USA.

Originally founded in Dallas, TX. Current plans are to establish a presence and build a team in Austin, TX.

The Position: SEO Content Strategist

Core Responsibility: Develop strategic editorial calendars for SEO agency clients and write the content according to SEO best practices while integrating rigorous agency-specific SEO content optimization standards.

This is a position for an A-player who has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to be a part of something bigger than a job.

The Outcomes:

  • On-topic content is written for clients across a variety of industries, delivering massive business value through proven SEO strategy.
  • Clients value content produced by PixelCutLabs, using it as a talking point when referring people in their network.
  • The content workflow is streamlined and clients rarely request rewrites, removing friction from the SEO engagement that typically arises from the content process.

Performance Indicators (note – these metrics will determine the new team member’s success in his or her position).

  • 95% of all content assignments are completed according to the deadlines agreed to between the project manager (what we call “Client Success Advocates”) and the content strategist.
  • 90% of all written content requires no more than one revision round.
  • Written content is of high value to both the agency client and their audience
  • Client blog traffic increases over the duration of the campaign (6, 12, or 24 months)

The right candidate for this job has all of the following abilities and traits:

  • A desire to learn relentlessly and to deliver massive value to clients
  • Existing knowledge of SEO and the ability to prove that knowledge
  • Ability to manage time and meet deadlines without failure
  • Detail-oriented writing with excellent grammar
  • The ability to adapt to new industries and trends quickly
  • The ability to research topics thoroughly
  • The desire and drive to create new processes that simplify the content strategy process for clients and new PixelCutLabs team members
  • An unrelenting drive to deliver massive value to growing businesses (yes, this deserves a second mention)

Daily Tasks Include:

  • Writing optimized blog content for SEO clients
  • Completing all assigned tasks in the project management  
  • Calls with clients to further define writing style & request information for articles
  • Sourcing images from image libraries to be paired with blogs
  • Creating graphics in Canva to be integrated into blogs

Weekly Tasks Include:

  • Exploring SEO industry trends and integrating new findings into the content strategy & SEO content writing workflow
  • Providing a weekly report of progress to the Client Success Advocate (project manager)

Monthly Tasks Include:

  • Researching industry news and trends for all agency clients
  • Planning the editorial calendar for clients based on SEO best practices and agency guidelines
  • Discuss content strategy with new & existing clients on recurring and irregularly occurring phone calls
  • Developing a unique writing style for new clients as they are onboarded according to their requests

Quarterly Tasks Include:

  • Improving the content strategy process by creating detailed documentation of the steps required to deliver world-class SEO content

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(Note: This Position is Onsite and Located in Austin, TX)