College Football Playoff Foundation

See How we Planned, Built, and Delivered on a Timeline of only two Months

Project Intro

Even while NFL ratings are flagging, college football is more popular than ever. The College Football Playoff Foundation seeks to leverage the passion of fans to support education in America, recruit top talent into the teaching profession and provide the resources teachers need to succeed.

When building its digital footprint, the CFP Foundation conducted a thorough search for the right partner, seeking a forward-thinker capable of conveying the organization's message in a simple yet impactful way, a partner that could develop a cutting-edge platform built to engage audiences, and also provide top-notch ongoing support for the platform

After considering several options, the CFP Foundation chose PixelCutLabs. We immersed ourselves in the organization's mission, ensuring we had a deep understanding of its goals and target audience. We then developed a comprehensive implementation plan, creating a structural representation of the website, shaping the user experience, and pairing with world-class designers and developers to make it a reality.

The end result was a clean yet compelling website that clearly conveys the organization's goals, reaches out to its target audience, and delivers high rates of engagement and conversions.

Web Design Project Strategy

The College Football Playoff has only been a thing since 2014, yet in that short time, the CFP Foundation has supported hundreds of thousands of teachers and millions of students. Its current partners include every major college football conference, along with corporate titans such as Dr. Pepper and nonprofits such as Teach for America.

Working with the CFP Foundation, we wanted to create a website that instantly grabs visitors and engages them, while selling them on the organization’s mission.

Our strategy was to distill the most important information, including the organization’s goals, partners, and impact, into simple, easy-to-read terms, and to feature this information in an aesthetically pleasing layout on the website’s homepage. To ensure visitors always see current, up-to-date information, we crafted a section of the homepage to feature links to the latest news developments from the organization.

Lastly, working together with CFP Foundation executives, we established specific metrics to ensure the objectives of the website were being met, including a low bounce rate and multi-page user engagement.

Design Concepts

The CFP Foundation supports teachers, schools, and students through an initiative called Extra Yard for Teachers. It has identified many challenges, some of them dire, that plague the teaching profession, and has developed a four-pillar solution, leveraging the high profile of college football, particularly the playoffs and national championship, to address these issues.

Looking at all the ways the CFP Foundation supports education in America, it was a lot of information to convey to website visitors, many of them casual scrollers not looking to tackle big blocks of text. Working with the client, we distilled this information into impactful highlights, presenting them in eye-catching graphics. We consolidated pages, putting the important stuff where it is easily seen and preventing visitors from having to click around to find what they are looking for.

The goal of our award-winning designers was to illustrate how the CFP Foundation channels the excitement of the playoffs into measurable gains for education. Starting with the wireframe, they developed a site that displays a jubilant stadium scene depicting a line of teachers receiving a rousing ovation and overlays this scene with actionable, specific data showing what the Foundation has accomplished.

This crisp yet info-packed layout engages the user's senses and visually brings them into the Foundation's mission.

Front & Backend Development

With the help of our talented developers, we created an entire user experience to convey the Foundation’s message, as opposed to relying on a series of static visuals. After getting an understanding of what the CFP Foundation is and what it has accomplished, users can experience the multimedia section of the website, featuring face-to-face interviews with figures such as Troy Aikman and Russell Maryland.

Our developers combined standard web language and the latest technology to custom-design a user experience tailored precisely to our client and their target audience.

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • jQuery
  • GSAP



Project Lead

Dan S.

Account director, scheduling, resource allocation, budget tracking.

Strategic Director

Ryan B.

Technology & UX advisor, research, process management.

Lead Designer

Alan P.

The lead of the design team at PixelCutLabs.

Lead Developer

Robert K.

The lead of frontend development at PixelCutLabs.

The Final Product

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