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Most Popular Questions

We’re here to address your questions. To best serve you, we’ve provided a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for, please reach out via our contact form or call us and be connected with a team member in under 45 seconds.

Available Services

PixelCutLabs is a highly specialized agency. We exclusively offer search engine optimization (SEO) and web design services.

We have partners across the US who we’d be happy to connect you with if you plan to run a pay-per-click campaign, social media, print design, or any other standard marketing service we don’t offer in-house.

We used to offer more than just these two services, but after realizing that they made up about 80% of our client base and that our happiest clients were SEO & web design clients, we made the decision to specialize.

Since that decision was made, our SEO and web design projects have become increasingly more effective. That’s because we put all of our effort, innovation, and growth into two services, making the hiring of PixelCutLabs for SEO and/or web design an intelligent business decision when compared to most distributed non-specializing agencies.

Service Area

PixelCutLabs is based in Dallas, Texas just west of Downtown in an artsy area called The Bishop Arts District.

Outside the 35% of our clients located in the immediate Dallas-Fort Worth Area, we serve businesses across the United States. We also maintain select contracts with businesses in Canada and the United Kingdom and would be happy to discuss opportunities with you if you are located outside of the USA.

Pricing Methodology

SEO Pricing Methodology

As our core subscription-based service, we offer five highly effective SEO packages ranging from $997/month to $16,800/month. When you reach out to PixelCutLabs, an organic search specialist will help you select the appropriate plan depending on your unique business position and monthly marketing budget.

If your needs (specifically your industry’s level of competition and the nature of your goals) warrant an SEO plan that exceeds the level of deliverables in our most advanced SEO plan, the Unstoppable SEO plan ($16,800/month), we will be happy to sit down with you to create a custom SEO plan. Please contact us for more information.

Web Design Pricing Methodology

PixelCutLabs facilitates the development of two different types of websites: template-based and custom.

Template-based websites range in price from $4,500 to $12,500 and are best suited for small businesses with less than $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

You will start with a selection of website themes that are custom-tailored to your business and existing branding. Pricing depends on the number of pages, eCommerce features, and additional custom functionality.

Custom websites are different from template-based websites in that they allow you to start with a clean slate and build from the ground, up. Custom website pricing is more variable and can range from $25,000 to $100,000+ depending on custom functionality and the overall scope of the project. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule a consultation for a custom website.

Contract Duration

Most search engine optimization services are subject to a minimum 6-month service agreement, allowing the time necessary to generate meaningful results that will help our clients make an informed decision on whether or not to continue their campaigns.

For industries with higher competition (including national companies, legal businesses, and other highly competitive categories of business). In such cases, the minimum contract duration may be set at 12, or on very rare occasions, 24 months.

Considerable discounts are offered to businesses who agree to contracts lasting longer than the minimum required commitment.