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“Traffic up 274%. Qualified calls up 122%. Revenue up 146%. PixelCutLabs has this s*** down to a science. All I have to do is write a check.”

– Aaron E. // Founder // Financial Services Industry

Thinking about choosing a Dallas SEO agency to take you to the top? Our average client has a 457% increase in qualified leads & calls after only 12 months of working with us. *gasp* – we know. Here’s how it works:

Dallas SEO Feature 1

We run a comprehensive analysis of your digital presence and spoon-feed Google exactly what it needs to get your pages indexed.

Dallas SEO Feature 2

We create editorial calendars, publish in-depth, heavily researched content under your name, and promote that content in order to build your authority and to give search engines material to anchor onto so they can better understand your website and company.

Dallas SEO Feature 3

We generate high-quality backlinks that increase your website’s authority from sites like Forbes.com, which ultimately drives thousands of new visitors to your site.

SEO Packages & Pricing

We offer the following packages to all qualified businesses. If your budget is at least $5,000/month, we will work with you to craft an SEO package that will best fit your business model and unique circumstances.

SEO SilverLocal & Low-Competition

$ 997

  • Made for businesses targeting low-competition keywords or an audience within a 60-mile radius.

SEO GoldProven Framework

$ 2,250

  • Developed for businesses targeting keywords with moderate competition using a content-oriented approach.

SEO PlatinumHigh-Competition Industries

$ 7,750

  • Crafted for business with aggressive organic search goals targeting competitive keywords.

Budget above $5,000/month?


We've continued working with PixelCutLabs because they provide exceptional services, quick communication and turnaround, and REAL RESULTS.

Nick M.CEO, Primer

Enthusiasm and eagerness were invigorating, and the creative vision was excellent.

John S.VP Technology, TSS

They have blown our expectations out of the water when it comes to SEO and our entire digital campaign performance.

Megan M.Director of Marketing, Total Office Solutions

PixelCutLabs exceeded our expectations across the board by focusing heavily on our link building strategy to increase our domain authority and search engine position.

Mayra C.Director, Quest CPR

Get Exponential Revenue Growth With SEO

PixelCutLabs has been in the business of honest SEO for half a decade. Here’s our guarantee.

PixelCutLabs is a Yext-certified, BBB A+ Rated Dallas SEO agency with decades of collective experience in generating millions of dollars in sales for our local SEO clients. As a top-rated SEO company, we aggressively work to improve search visibility for our clients by implementing world-class white hat SEO techniques tailored to the Dallas market.

PixelCutLabs, Digital Marketing, Dallas, TX

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Our SEO service retainers start at just under $1,000/month (The SEO Silver Pack) and increase with higher levels of competition, larger budgets and/or more aggressive goals. Our Platinum SEO package is priced at $7,750/month. We rarely use a pre-built package for any of our campaigns. Instead, we use them as starting points when working with you to find a price in that range that your budget allows for. If your budget is too small for your target keywords, we’ll tell you. We don’t want to promise anything that can’t be delivered.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Except for in rare cases, our SEO engagements require a minimum 6-month commitment. We need you to be on board for at least that many months so we can get you to where you want to be. This Forbes article explains why we need at least 6 months, and most Dallas SEO agencies will tell you the same thing. We take the organic route and strictly avoid any slimy (black-hat) SEO techniques.

Is PixelCutLabs The Best Dallas SEO Agency?

Well, we’re biased, but here’s what makes us different: One of the reasons PixelCutLabs stands out as a top pick when considered against other SEO agencies is our project management process. Everything we do is planned before we start, down to a point. You have a dedicated project manager who themselves are SEO experts to walk you through the journey of increased search engine rankings and soaring income. Sound like something you’re interested in? Get a quote.

Get a Free SEO Audit ($997 Value)


Dallas SEO Experts

We’re a team of SEO experts dedicated to helping DFW companies rank higher in local searches.

White-Hat SEO

We’re dedicated to getting you ranked organically with sustainable SEO. It may take a few months to see your results, but they aren’t subject to penalties.

Local SEO Services

As a Yext-Certified SEO agency, we are able to publish your business information to over 100 local directories with a single click.

Proven Process

As a leading DFW SEO agency, we know that our process must exceed the expectations of our clients. Read more about our process further down on the page.


Positive reviews are the first indicator of a good business. Make a good first impression with review tracking and generation strategy. Effective local SEO campaigns include reputation management.


There are countless practical benefits of a local SEO campaign, but the most sought-after one is customers. Use SEO to increase your local customer base!

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Fill out the form below to request custom pricing for our SEO services. We will be in touch within one business day to answer your questions and to help you select or build an SEO package for your unique circumstances.


What does your rank mean?

Your search engine rank is where you appear in the search engine results page for a specific keyword. If you come up as the second result for a search like “Best Coffee Shop in Dallas,” you’d be the #2 rank.

Positions 1-3

Nice work! You must be doing something right! Being in the top three positions in a Google search typically means you’re receiving anywhere between 15% and 30% of the searches for your keyword.

Positions 4-10

The good news is that you’ve made it to the first page. The bad news is that first-page ranks between 4 and 10 attract as little as 3% of the total search traffic for your keyword.

Positions 11+

It looks like some work will need to be done to improve your position if you want to receive traffic from search. If you’re not on the first page for your search keyword, research shows that you are likely attracting less than 0.5% of the overall search volume.

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Local Search Engine Optimization Ranking Results Page

Our Guarantee to You

Like with any business investment, there’s risk attached. Here’s our promise.

We’re a service company, and we rely on our reputation. We’re bringing on new clients with the risk of a bad review in mind, which can hurt a business like ours more than most people could ever imagine. If you’re not satisfied with your experience after 6 months of working with us, let us know and we’ll cut the remaining duration of your initial SEO campaign term in half.

For example, if you have a 24-month initial term and you are not satisfied with your experience after the 6th month, we will shorten the remaining number of months from 18 to 9. You’ll only pay for an 18-month engagement.

The only caveat to this is you must be prepared to follow our advice, and you must keep your mind set on the goal, with the consideration that SEO is a long-term investment.

Dallas SEO Experts Guarantee

Local, Regional, and National SEO

If you offer services that appeal to a regional or national market, national search engine optimization services can focus all campaign energy on producing geographically-unrestricted content and search authority.

Content Strategy

At the core of every national SEO campaign is a completely unique content strategy that represents the client's brand identity.

Technical Consulting

We implement deep technical SEO improvements on partner websites to further multiply the effects of content-based SEO.

Network Building

Our clients benefit from our relationships with national PR agencies, who we reguarly involve in SEO campaigns for off-site opportunities.


National SEO services are typically accompanied by supporting marketing campaigns - email and social being the most common.

Off-site Presence

Our marketing team works to get your business mentioned in reputable national and international publications - from TIME to The Guardian.

360° Partnership

As with all of our client-agency relationships, you'll have a dedicated contact for all of your campaigns. One person to talk to. That's all.

Get a Custom SEO Quote

Fill out the form below to request custom pricing for our SEO services. We will be in touch within 1 business day.


A Leading Dallas SEO Agency’s Process


1. The SEO Campaign Setup

When we welcome a new SEO client to the PixelCutLabs family, we do so by starting with a process we call the “campaign setup.” In the campaign setup phase, our clients are contacted to set up a meeting in our Bishop Arts District office, or via a Zoom video conference call. In this meeting, we introduce our clients to the intricacies of the organic search engine optimization scope of work (which we will have created prior to this initial meeting). We also use this meeting to solidify our understanding of your business, given that we’re a Dallas SEO agency, and we aren’t as familiar with your brand and operations as you, the business owner, are. In this meeting, we also further our understanding of your market and competitors, analyze metrics from any previously completed marketing campaigns, discuss your target audience, determine the technical opportunities and limitations of your website design, and configure the permissions for access to necessary SEO maintenance platforms (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, WordPress, etc.).

2. The Technical Audit

We spend the first 3-5 weeks of our SEO campaigns thoroughly investigating the existing infrastructure that is provided to us by the client (or if we created their website, which is one of our other core services, we dive deeper into an SEO analysis of the website that we built). This is an intensive audit and it’s typically quantified by over 40 pages documented findings that we will implement over the following weeks of working with our SEO clients. The audit is broken down into the following:

  • The Technical Website Audit – This report covers on-site SEO considerations. As part of the technical website SEO audit, we check over 45 individual data points. While we use a set of tools which is seen by any strong SEO agency in Dallas or otherwise as being the best SEO software money can buy, we manually verify their impact on your site before recommending changes, to avoid unintended consequences and penalties.
  • The Google Analytics Audit  – Our Google Analytics Audit is used to ensure we have a reliable baseline of your website’s performance before we move forward with an SEO campaign. Among the 32 data points assessed in this audit, we build an intuitive view structure for your website, taking into consideration the exclusion of bots, the uniqueness of website search, and the value of each of your online customer conversions and how they affect your bottom line. We use this audit to inform ourselves and our clients of the true ROI for their SEO campaign, with a reliable return on investment equation.
  • Google Search Console Audit – Before we start any search engine optimization campaigns, we set up a properly implemented Google Search Console account to ensure Google is being spoon-fed the data it needs to show the priority pages on your site, without having to take guesses. This is our change to tell Google exactly what we want your site to look like when a customer searches for your company.
  • Content Audit – We prepare a report which details the effectiveness of content which exists on your website. We include suggested updates, and will implement them with your approval if the SEO package selected includes implementation as part of the audit. You can call us for more information about which packages include the advanced audit, which is valued at $4,500 when purchased á la carte.
  • Link Profile Audit – This is a report which outlines the gain or harm created by powerful or spam-related links to your website. As part of the advanced SEO audit, we will create a disavow file and submit it to Google Search Console to ensure you are not penalized by Google for spammy links from past SEO work or even competitors who spam you to hurt your rankings (which, unfortunately, is not uncommon).
  • Schema Markup Audit – We use a relatively new technology called Schema to “spoon-feed” data about your company or brand to search engines like Google. This makes it easier for Google to understand your website, often rewarding you with higher rankings for pages which use Schema markup. We always include a schema markup audit and implementation in our SEO campaigns, and Dallas SEO Agencies who aren’t using Schema markup are late to the party and are missing out big time.
  • Local Business Listing Audit – As a Yext Certified Partner agency, PixelCutLabs uses cutting-edge software (which is only available to certified agencies) to find all important mentions of your business on local business directories like Yelp, Yahoo, MapQuest, Waze, Google My Business, and Apple Maps. Any time there is a mistake in one of those listings, our certified status gives us the ability to update mistakes with one click across over 100 local listing platforms. We’re one of the only SEO agencies in Dallas that is Yext Certified, and we’re proud to provide Yext services to our local SEO clients.

3. Organic SEO Content Creation

After our SEO audits are completed and implemented, we move into one of our two ongoing processes: SEO content creation.

In this phase of the SEO process, our Dallas-based SEO team works with clients to create content which targets the SEO keywords decided on in the setup phase. This phase requires minimal effort from the client, and their only ongoing responsibility is to approve SEO content when PixelCutLabs has a draft available for review by the SEO client. This phase is accompanied by ongoing customer persona review and revision, analysis of keywords, voice and tone development, and (of course) ongoing content creation. – The client will receive content from our project management system, which allows us to keep communication in check at all times. Your dedicated account manager will be in charge of quality control of your content, and we do our best to only deliver ready-for-posting content for your SEO campaign at all times.

4. Backlink Building & Blogger Outreach

After enough content has been generated to build a website’s authority, we begin the backlink building process. In the backlink building process, we work to generate high-quality links from other websites pointing back to your website. Not only does this drive traffic from other websites, but it also helps increase the rankings of all of your website’s pages by increasing your domain authority.

Since we started running SEO campaigns half a decade ago, we’ve generated some pretty impressive links for our clients. Those links include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Harvard.edu, Stanford.edu, USC.edu, Syracuse.edu, NYU.edu,
  • Forbes.com, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Genius.com
  • BizCommunity.com, Food52.com, EduBlogs.org
  • GitHub.com, IBM.com
  • The list goes on…

Ongoing Services

After the fifth month, we enter into a drumbeat of content creation and backlink building. The aggressiveness of these services depends on the campaign budget. As the ongoing services continue, if you’re working with a proven Dallas SEO agency and Dallas Web Design Company like PixelCutLabs, you will start to see your website rank higher for the search terms you’re targeting.

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