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3 Reasons Why eCommerce SEO Is Our Passion

We don’t work on campaigns that don’t give us creative joy. eCommerce SEO (more often than not) is the type of campaign we get excited about. — Here are a few reasons why:

eCommerce SEO Can Change Small Business Owners’ Lives

PixelCutLabs is a small business – that means you’ll be talking to the owner, and working with the senior SEO strategist right off the bat.

Here’s the thing… we get out of the bed in the morning knowing that we’re helping small business owners (some of the most incredible people in the world) accomplish their goals. We believe it’s a worthy cause, especially when those business owners turn around and do good for the world with their success. We hope to have the opportunity to do that for you.

eCommerce Revenue Can Be Tracked

When you spend $3,500/month with us (that’s our entry retainer), we get to watch as your campaign starts generating $31,850 in monthly revenue (9.1x is our average return on eCommerce SEO services at the 12-month mark). We can’t get this granular with local clients or service-oriented clients. We literally get to put a dollar amount on the value being created by our eCommerce SEO services.

eCommerce SEO Campaigns Aren’t Capped Off

Most SEO campaigns are capped by geographic region, market size, and the size of the company’s staff. The great thing about online stores is that they don’t have the same types of overhead, aren’t bound to a 60-mile radius, and generally are targeting much larger markets. That means we can make a big difference with search engine optimization strategy and the campaign can continue to grow as new products are added, revenue grows, and new markets are targeted.

“PixelCutLabs truly cares that their clients understand their effective eCommerce SEO services. These are real, relatable people with serious integrity!”
– Emily Sloan at Girlie Girl Originals™ (online apparel)

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(this page generates $115,256/mo.)

eCommerce SEO Case Study Revenue Generated

Organic Traffic Growth
720% in 6 Months

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How Our eCommerce SEO Services Work

Our eCommerce SEO services are modeled after our award-winning flagship SEO service, The Organic Visibility Framework™.
We’ve taken the framework and tailored it to the eCommerce business model.


Research & Discover
Identify Opportunities
Build A Comprehensive SEO Plan


Execute Onsite SEO
Publish Core Content
Prepare Outreach Strategy


Start Content Campaign
Start Outreach Campaign
Continue Refining

What Makes eCommerce SEO Different

Generally speaking, SEO is pretty straightforward: You write great content that targets search terms, make it easy for Google to crawl and index that content with technical SEO, and prove the value and authority of that content with link outreach and PR. A few new elements come into play with online stores:

High-Intent Shopping Behavior Means (slightly) Faster Results

In the early months of an eCommerce SEO campaign, our strategy typically involves driving people directly to product pages (or category & collection pages that only link to individual product pages). We take this approach because we want our clients to start seeing the value of our work as early on as possible.

So, instead of driving traffic to pages that allow users to request a quote or get more information, we’re sending them straight to the bottom of the funnel, where they are expected to make a purchase.

The bottom-of-funnel approach influences our content strategy in big ways. First off, when running our manual site quality audits on an eCommerce site, we’re going to focus more heavily on product pages than other lower-intent content such as the blog and non-eCommerce interior pages. This gives us an opportunity to drive serious business value that otherwise isn’t an option when working with a local or service-based business.

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SEO Pricing & eCommerce SEO

Low-Competition Keywords Are Easier To Find

We use an SEO platform called Ahrefs to help determine the difficulty of targeting any specific keyword, eCommerce SEO or otherwise. The interesting thing about eCommerce search terms is that the searches tend to be (note: this is not always the case) much less competitive than service and local searches.

For example, one of our clients targets the keyword, “Christian tee shirts,” which has an estimated 1,700 searches in the USA every month. On a scale of 1 to 100, the keyword has a difficulty of only 4. Yes, 4. And this is a logarithmic scale, not a linear one, so 4 is essentially nothing (this was for the math nerds). And that keyword is not a rare find. High-volume & low difficulty is very common with eCommerce.

Most eCommerce SEO companies (based on what we can see from analysis tools) aren’t building links to product pages — and that’s awesome for our clients because we do just that. And we do it naturally, and in small numbers, with high authority links. Oh, and we write great content and have an award-winning technical SEO process.

So yes, eCommerce SEO can actually be easier than local and service-based SEO simply because the competitive landscape is not as aggressive. (again, this isn’t always the case, but a general trend we see across our client base).

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Why PixelCutLabs

If there’s one thing that makes PixelCutLabs special, it’s our devotion to transparency.

We’re Transparent. Scary Transparent. 

The search engine optimization industry has created a bad name for itself (huge understatement) and that really bites. We go the extra mile to prove we’re not one of those agencies. Here’s how:

  • We give you 24/7 access to our reporting platform, PixelCutLabs Analytics™.
  • You get a full-access login to our project management system, PixelCutLabs Projects™, where you can track the progress of every single task on our agenda.
  • We are here to teach – and we take advantage of every opportunity we have to educate you on what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.
  • We ask for your feedback annoyingly often.
  • We work with you to set realistic goals and make a point to never over promise.

And, since we’re talking about transparency, we should definitely mention that SEO is a long process and you’re going to hate the wait. That’s the truth about white-hat SEO. But we’ll do everything we can to get your low-competition keywords to make you money as early as possible. – In any case, eCommerce SEO is well worth the wait.

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eCommerce SEO Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we hear about our eCommerce SEO Services

How long does eCommerce SEO take to work?

The simple answer: on average, our clients generate enough revenue from eCommerce SEO to have the campaign pay for itself by the middle of the 7th month. — The actual answer to this question depends primarily on the competition level of the keywords you are targeting, how aggressive your budget is, and what your definition of success looks like. If we take a $4,500/mo campaign, target 40-50 low-competition keywords spread across 10 different products, it’s likely that purchases will start coming through (in small, but increasing quantities) during the first 3-4 months.

How much does PCL charge for eCommerce SEO?

We work with small businesses primarily (under $10m in annual revenue), and we understand cash flow can be an issue. When we prepare an estimate, we make a point to ask potential clients if they can go four months without seeing a single dollar in return from their SEO campaign and still run their business. We don’t want you spending your last dollar on SEO services that are going to take months to generate a return. We want you to have an excellent experience. Ask our clients; it’s well worth the wait.

Which eCommerce platforms are supported?

Our primary platforms are WooCommerce (WordPress) and Shopify. We have experience with BigCommerce, 3dcart, Squarespace, BigCartel Magento, custom-developed online stores, and several others. — The primary variable associated with your eCommerce platform is the technical SEO capability. Our team can typically implement all of the technical SEO improvements identified in the Identification phase of our eCommerce SEO process on Shopify and WooCommerce. For other platforms, it may be necessary to bring in a web developer to implement the changes we recommend in our Identification report.

What happens when I’m ready to start?

When you’re ready to start an eCommerce SEO campaign with PixelCutLabs, the first step will be to estimate the monthly retainer for your eCommerce SEO campaign using our information request form at the bottom of this page. When we receive your information, you’ll hear from us shortly (typically on the same day) to gather a few more details. We’ll work with you to map out your goals and match up deliverables to help you get there. When you’re ready to start, we’ll schedule you for our next opening. We start up to two campaigns every second Monday.

Our eCommerce SEO Success

There are a few reasons we are able to generate a 9.1x return on monthly investment by the end of the 12th month. They are the very same reasons we’re able to grow traffic by an average of 430% in 12 months, and the same reasons 89% of our clients renew their engagements with us after 12 months.

  • Our clients are entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs are our people. As entrepreneurs, we have something in our DNA that drives us to take risks that most would never think of. We love entrepreneurs because they think just like us.
  • We have the systems to deliver – For the longest time – just like other SEO agencies, we would approach every project without a general plan. Everything changed when we built the Organic Visibility Framework™ – the proven SEO process that has given our clients a true competitive edge in the search landscape.
  • We don’t play the system – Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It’s our job to publish useful information, prove its authority, and make it incredibly easy for Google to find. — Simple. Clean. Wildly effective.

It took us a while to get this SEO thing down. But when we did, boy did things change. Every single day, we get to make businesses grow. That’s the coolest thing in the world and we couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. It’s taken us 6 years to get to where we are, but we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

We know that there is a truly special opportunity for SEO to change the lives of eCommerce store owners. We think we’re the people that can help make you be those store owners. – So what are you waiting for?

eCommerce SEO Results

“The PixelCutLabs team is extremely knowledgable and easy to work with. They communicate very well with us and take the time to explain areas of their work that we don’t always understand. They also have been great about communicating with our other vendors and helping solve problems so that we can all work as one team. I can’t recommend PixelCutLabs enough!”
– Brooke Cox – The Pet Vet

I am convinced that, given the business climate, if we had more people like you guys, we would be unstoppable. The regulations are pro-business but the people we’ve met don’t seem to be as on-the-ball as they could be to take advantage of the situation. I wish I could find more people like you to partner up with. I think we could make a killing.
– Doug S. (restaurant supplies)