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Small Business SEO

Local SEO services are vital for any small or medium-sized business seeking an online presence that reaches local customers.


Local SEO is different from other forms of search engine marketing in that it directly targets customers that are physically near your business.


Local SEO allows you to inform your current and potential customers of changes in opening hours and other vital local business details.


Positive reviews are the first indicator of a good business. Make a good first impression with review tracking and generation strategy.

Social Visibility

Turning away from social media is a big no-no. Local SEO should always include the tools you need to reach your customers.


There are countless practical benefits of a local SEO campaign, but the most sought-after one is customers. For us, that’s the easy part.

Hey, Siri.
Where’s the closest coffee shop?

SEO For Voice Search? We do that too

What does your rank mean?

Your search engine rank is where you appear in the search engine results page for a specific keyword. If you come up as the second result for a search like “Best Coffee Shop in Dallas,” you’d be the #2 rank.

Positions 1-3

Nice work! You must be doing something right! Being in the top three positions in a Google search typically means you’re receiving anywhere between 15% and 30% of the searches for your keyword.

Positions 4-10

The good news is that you’ve made it to the first page. The bad news is that first-page ranks between 4 and 10 attract as little as 3% of the total search traffic for your keyword.

Positions 11+

It looks like some work will need to be done to improve your position if you want to receive traffic from search. If you’re not on the first page for your search keyword, research shows that you are likely attracting less than 0.5% of the overall search volume.

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Local Search Engine Optimization Ranking Results Page

Can your customers find you on Apple Maps?

How about Yahoo, Bing, and 60+ other directories?

It’s difficult to sell coffee when your target audience can’t find your business in searches for “local coffee shops.” We can help you identify if, where, and how your business listing is available to customers. As a Yext Certified Partner Agency, our team has access to licensed software and technology that allows us to gather extensive information on your local profile without spending days to do it.

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Is local search engine optimization

right for your business and industry?

We make things simple – so here’s the dealio: The only way your business will really profit from investing in local search engine optimization is if you can answer yes to at least one of the following statements: 1) You have a storefront where customers can visit you on a walk-in basis (i.e. a Hair Stylist) or 2) You have a business that offers services to customers within a local area (i.e. TV installation).

If you fall into one of those categories, your next step is to see where you currently stand in local search rankings with a professional local SEO audit. You can get these for free from many providers, but we charge for local SEO audits to ensure we’re only spending our time on businesses who are genuine and serious about their goals. If that’s you, read on to get started:

$500 – One-time investment

Get a Local SEO Audit Today

If you offer services or products to a local market, you should consider purchasing an in-depth SEO audit for your business. In just a few days, you’ll receive a report that covers your current standings and any recommendations you can consider to improve your local SEO rankings. We’ll also include information on trusted agencies who can help you implement these changes, including our own team.

Search Overview

Get an overall feel for your current representation in local search.


Review a detailed explanation of suggested improvements and modifications to your digital presence.

Local Citations & Maps

Find out if your customers can find you on 70+ map applications. We’re Yext Certified to investigate this on your behalf.

Next Steps

Explore a collection of trusted agencies who can assist you in implementing the suggested changes.