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This is the SEO Project Planner™ Audit

Our flagship SEO audit service, the SEO Project Planner, is a phased, extensive manual SEO analysis that relies on over 20 datasets that, when put together, give you everything you need to understand where you currently stand in the SEO landscape, what you should start doing, what you should stop doing, and what will seriously move the needle. Put in metaphor form, a standard SEO analysis is like a dermatologist in that it identifies where you already have cancer; whereas, the PixelCutLabs® SEO Project Planner™ Audit looks for carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) before cancer has a chance to plant its roots. 

Where SEO Audits Move The Needle

A comprehensive SEO audit may move the needle if you’re not sure if you’re doing all the right things, you can’t find out why you are unable to outrank your competition’s product, service, and lead-generation pages, you are writing content, but the content isn’t ranking, or any number of other situational and identifiable SEO questions.

When an SEO Audit Should be Performed

SEO audits fit best at the beginning of an SEO campaign or SEO services delivered by a freelancer or SEO agency. We’ve built the SEO project planner as a branded product, but we also work with other agencies by licensing our reports under a white label (so that they can be re-branded by our partner agencies).

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What’s Included in our SEO Audit Services

Our SEO audit services (under the SEO Project Planner) are broken down into six independent and thorough reports:

Website Quality Audit - PixelCutLabs

The Website Quality Audit

In the first phase of the SEO audit, we combine data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, and your Sitemap.xml file to ensure all pages are indexable and are currently creating (or have the potential to create) SEO value for your website — traffic, conversions, and so-on. The deliverable is a page-level report (up to 10,000 pages) with one or two of 9 actions recommended for each page on your website: “leave as is,” “update on-page SEO,” “target with link building,” “301 redirect,” “canonicalize,” “block crawl,” “set to no-index,” “perform content audit,” or “410 – deleted header.”

Technical SEO Audit - PixelCutLabs

Manual Technical SEO Audit

This deliverable is most similar to those created by other agencies when they refer to SEO audit services. This report addresses every on-site detail from SEO tags to handicap accessibility on your site. The technical SEO audit, once implemented, will help Google index your website faster, more frequently, and at greater depth for larger websites. The deliverable is a prioritized report of implementation tasks for your web developer, with a section specifically marked as “quick wins.” — Implementation of these findings is not included in this SEO audit engagement (see below)

SEO Content Performance - PixelCutLabs

Content Performance Audit

This SEO audit deliverable uncovers underperforming content and makes recommendations on how to improve content performance. Recommendations range from consolidating multiple pages, removing (pruning) pages, and improving the quality of specific pages. 

Keyword Analysis - PixelCutLabs

Keyword Analysis

This SEO audit deliverable is used to determine, in great detail, which keywords you currently rank for, where you rank for them, and what you can do to increase your already-ranking keywords. This is the core strategic deliverable of our SEO audit services

Targeting Page & Link Generation Plan - PixelCutLabs

Target Page & Link Generation Plan

One of the most important parts of an SEO campaign is building your website’s authority by acquiring links from websites relevant to your industry and/or geographic target region. This deliverable is used to determine pages on your website for which authoritative backlinks would make a big impact on your campaign’s success. This is the report that looks only at off-page factors in our SEO audit services.

SEO UX Signals - PixelCutLabs

Custom Research Reports

Upon request, we will spend a pre-determined number of hours researching a specific SEO question you have further than would typically be the case in the SEO Project Planner. This deliverable is often purposed towards UX (user experience) analysis or running a basic SEO audit on your competitors’ sites to help prioritize your rollout plan for the SEO audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the SEO audit service cost?

Our manual SEO audit services are priced per page, becoming less expensive per page as the number of pages increase. We use ScreamingFrog to determine the number of HTML pages that exist on a website. Category pages, tag pages, individual product/service pages, blog posts, informational pages, and archive pages are examples of some of the page-types that we include in the total number of pages on a website when calculating the cost of our SEO audit services.

How long does it take to complete an SEO audit?

The PixelCutLabs Project Planner™ is primarily a manual audit process; thus, when more pages are included in the SEO audit, more time is required to complete the audit. A website with 1-50 pages can be audited and delivered in between 3 and 4 weeks, whereas a website with over 10,000 pages can take 14 to 20 weeks, or longer depending on the scope of the project.

Does this include implementation services?

The PixelCutLabs SEO Project Planner™ engagement does not include implementation of findings. The deliverables come in report format, which you can choose to send to a developer of your choosing or one of those suggested by PixelCutLabs for implementation. PixelCutLabs does not offer implementation services, but we are partnered with an agency who does, so we can help you handle transition seamlessly upon completion of the SEO analysis for an additional cost.

Pricing & Timelines

Click the dropdowns to see estimated timelines & pricing for each website tier. If you need help determining the number of pages on your website. If you have a small website, use this free crawler to check the number of pages. Otherwise, contact us to get an accurate page count.

1-50 Page Website

Cost: $3,325
Duration: 3-4 Weeks

50-250 Page Website

Cost: $4,375
Duration: 4-5 Weeks

250-1,000 Page Website

Cost: $7,500
Duration: 5-8 Weeks

1,000-2,500 Page Website

Cost: $11,750
Duration: 7-10 Weeks

2,500-5,000 Page Website

Cost: $18,000
Duration: 10-15 Weeks

5,000-10,000 Page Website

Cost: $28,000
Duration: 14-20 Weeks

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