SEO Copywriting Services For Brands That Are Serious About Growth

SEO copywriting is at the core of every successful search engine optimization campaign. The team at PixelCutLabs is dedicated to generating massive return on investment, and that starts with effective SEO content copywriting.

Our SEO copywriting services start with strategy, then move into writing, and finally, publishing. Continue reading to learn more about our SEO writing process.

How Businesses Use Our SEO Content

Fully-Optimized Blog Posts

Our SEO copywriting services are at the core of hundreds of blog posts per month. As a boutique agency, we select our clients carefully to ensure that we have the tools necessary to grow their blog audiences. Combined with link building services and onsite SEO, you’ll be driving tens of thousands of visitors to your blog in less time than you ever thought possible.

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eCommerce Product Page SEO

When you search for a product online, the stores that appear at the top of the search engine ranking page (SERP) are there because they are better optimized to your target search than other pages. Our SEO copywriting services include per-product description writing to help supercharge your eCommerce product pages.

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Service Page SEO Copywriting

You landed on this page because it’s optimized for the keywords you searched. That’s a perfect example of effective serve page optimization through experienced SEO copywriters. Whether you have one service or thirty, we’ll work with you to develop an SEO content strategy that will help you reach your target audiences.

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SEO Copywriting for Service Pages

SEO Copywriting Services
for Anything You Want To Optimize

You name the goal, we’ll write the SEO content.

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The SEO Copywriting Process

First, we’ll start out by defining your SEO goals. We use a proven SEO content framework that comes straight from our successful full-on search engine optimization service discovery process.

In this initial phase, unless you provide SEO keywords to our content writers, we’ll help you decide on keywords to target in your post based on results during the phase of SEO consulting that comes with your SEO content investment.

Once we’ve decided on target keywords for your search engine optimized content, our SEO copywriters will suggest article titles that are optimized for our discovered search terms. You’ll select the ones which you’d like for us to write, and we’ll get started on the first draft.

Depending on your level of investment, our SEO copywriting services include research, graphic design, and, of course, the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Write a 1000-Word Article?

If you come to us with an SEO strategy and a set of target keywords, we can skip the onboarding phase and get straight into content. Anything under 5000 words can typically be returned to you in under two weeks (with optimization already completed). If the content you’ve invested in requires independent research or graphic/infographic design, the timeline can vary. – On the other hand, if you don’t have a list of keywords to target, the process takes an additional week for under 5000 words, so we’re looking at up to 3 weeks from start to finish.

How Much Does it Cost Per Word?

Our SEO copywriting services aren’t billed on a per-word basis because we’re delivering SEO strategy on top of the content. The starting price for a 1000-word lightly-optimized article or web page is just over $500.

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