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Social Media Marketing

Gain customer insights, increase brand loyalty and provide a rich customer experience with social media marketing. Based in Dallas, Texas.

Why Go Social?

Social media marketing is a form of conversational marketing that converts your customers into raving fans who promote your brand to their personal social networks. Looking for a month-over-month 8.5% increase in sales? Social media marketing is your one-way ticket to insane growth.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy by answering their questions where they want to ask them.

Engage Your Audience

Strategically build brand customer affinity for your brand with targeted social campaigns.

Let Your Followers Sell For You

Watch as your fans start selling for you at a scale your sales reps can't imagine.

PixelCutLabs is a Nationally Ranked HootSuite-Certified Social Media Marketing Agency in Dallas, Texas. — We’ve Been Named a Top-10 Social Media Marketing Agency in the United States and we Sustain that Reputation with Undying Innovation in Conversational and Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Management Services

Every social media agency has its own way of managing accounts. At PixelCutLabs, we prioritize client-agency relationships. The result is highly successful campaigns built on the unparalleled alignment between our team and yours.

Social Listening

Actively monitor brand sentiment across the internet and respond to customer comments as they are made.

Strategy Development

You can copy your competitors, or do something that is uniquely effective for your brand. You choose.

Audience Nurturing

Our social strategy is tailored to successfully retain and grow an audience that continues to engage with your brand.

Teen & Millennial Social

Brennen Bliss and his team, with an average age of 27, are uniquely qualified when it comes to social for young audiences.

Reputation Management

We know how hard you worked to build your reputation and brand. We are committed to sustaining your public image.

Customer Service

Brands improve customer satisfaction when they provide real-time customer service to their audience via social media.

We lead with enterprise-grade social media marketing software.

Scheduling For Visibility

It’s one thing to develop good posts, and it’s another thing to post when your target audience is active on social.

Advanced Integrations

Our arsenal of social media marketing platforms make integrations with your existing sales process and CRM a reality.

Organic Post Targeting

Our social media suite includes VIP access to organic post targeting that is only available to select Facebook partners – us included.

Call For Custom Pricing

Get a Free Social Media Profile Audit

For a limited time, we’ll review your social media profiles for no cost.

Stay relevant, start trends, understand brand perception, and react to market conditions as they develop.


Keep your finger on the pulse of over 4.8 million online sources so you're ready to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate social media crises before they become real problems.


Change your perspective and see your brand as your audience does with natural language analytics that visualizes the market's perception of your brand.


We’re Uniquely Qualified In Reaching Gen Z

As the legend goes, PixelCutLabs was founded by Brennen Bliss – himself, a member of Gen Z. Furthermore, the average age of the PixelCutLabs team is 27-years-old. Who better to market to Gen Z than people who are part of that demographic? Our unique ability to understand and speak to the minds of the fastest growing generational market segment makes PixelCutLabs a no-brainer for Gen Z social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Pricing

Our social media marketing services are priced on a per-project basis. The following packages are available to anybody who is interested, but these social media packages should only be used as a baseline. The price and services will be tailored when you call us for a project-specific quote.

Social StarterStart On A Budget

$ 855

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • 3 Unique Posts/Day
  • 1 Custom Graphic/Week
  • Primarily Curated Content
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Social ProGet The Highest Value

$ 1,725

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Up to 10 Unique Posts/Day
  • 4 Custom Graphics/Week
  • Mix of Curated & Original Content
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Same-Day Reply to Mentions
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Social PlatinumThe Aggressive Approach

$ 3,497

  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Snapchat & Instagram Stories
  • Up to 25 Unique Posts/Day
  • 10 Custom Graphics/Week
  • Primarily Original Content
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Realtime Mention Replies
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Social Media Marketing Is A Chain Reaction That Scales Like Crazy

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